Bilingual Brown Babies is a specialized service for families of color who are serious about giving their children a competitive advantage in the workforce by being bilingual in English and Spanish.

As a Linguistic Mama Diva, I know firsthand the amount of effort it takes to raise bilingual children.  The mission of Bilingual Brown Babies is to provide parents and families with tools to integrate bilingualism into their everyday lives in order to increase the number of children of color who are able to read, write and speak more than one language. 

What my #blacklinguisticarmy says

The webinars are amazing!  The amount of Information and support that Kami provides is amazing!  - Domari Dickinson

Kami is passionate about language learning and sharing her expertise with families...She pushes you pass your comfort zone and encourages...You won't be disappointed with the Bilingual Brown Babies experience! - N'Dieye Danavall

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